SECO SEALS provided access to their series of SECO7 videos. There are two categories of videos:

  • Installation demonstration videos
  • Out-of-Round Quality videos

SECO7 Installation Demonstration Videos

Proper installation of our SECO7 37 Degree Flare Tube Gasket product line is extremely important. SECO SEALS created videos showing the proper installation and torque procedures needed to ensure the correct fitting of our crush washers. Videos in English, French, and German are available on this website. For installation videos in seven other languages, please visit SECO SEALS website.

SECO SEALS 37 Degree Conical Seal Installation
SECO SEALS Installation du joint conique à 37 degrés
SECO SEALS 37 Grad konische Dichtungsinstallation

Out of Round Quality Videos

SECO7 conical seals are soft and malleable.  An out of round shape is not a reason for rejection of the seal.  These videos describe how to inspect and correct a SECO7 conical seal that has been bent during shipment, storage, etc. For Out of Round Inspection videos in seven other languages, please visit SECO SEALS website.

SECO7 Out of Round Conical Seal Correction
Correction du joint conique hors rond SECO7
SECO7 Unrunde konische Dichtungskorrektur

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